Dataflow async
Library ID dataflow-async
Latest version 1.0.5

Wrapping attributes

Wrapping attributes is done in the same exact way it's done for fields. You can construct a wrapper using the function attributeWrapperOf() as with fields, and you can set custom AttributeDatas, as well as other attributes. There are also some convenience methods. To a more thorough explanation please refer to the field wrapper documentation.


import com.femastudios.dataflow.listen.* import com.femastudios.dataflow.async.util.* import java.util.concurrent.atomic.* fun main() { val i = AtomicInteger() val attr = attributeOf { i.incrementAndGet() } val attrWrap = attributeWrapperOf<Int>() //If nothing given initially, status is LOADING lifecycle { listen(attrWrap) { println(it) } attrWrap.setAttribute(attr) attr.recompute() Thread.sleep(10) attr.recompute() Thread.sleep(10) attrWrap.setError("Error!") attrWrap.setLoadedValue(42) } }
AtomicInteger i = new AtomicInteger(); Attribute<Integer> attr = Attribute.of(wc -> { i.incrementAndGet(); }); AttributeWrapper<Integer> attrWrap = AttributeWrapper.of() //If nothing given initially, status is LOADING LifecycleOwner.lifecycle(lc -> { lc.listen(attrWrap, it -> { System.out.println(it); }); attrWrap.setAttribute(attr); attr.recompute(); Thread.sleep(10); attr.recompute(); Thread.sleep(10); attrWrap.setError("Error!"); attrWrap.setLoadedValue(42); });