Declarative UI for Android™
Library ID dataflow-android-declarativeui
Latest version 1.0.0

Declarative UI for Android™ 🧾🤖

This extension is complementary to Dataflow for Android™ and adds various features that will allow to create your user interface in a more elegant and performant way.

Essentialy it unifies the expressiveness of XML with the performance of natively constructing your views.

Kotlin™ only


The goal of this library is to make creating view as simple and clear as possible, removing as much boilerplate as possible. Sadly, conciseness is not one of the strong points of Java™, and simply too many kotlin features are needed to make the use of this library worth it. For this reason the use of Kotlin™ is basically mandatory to use this extension. (Yes, in theory you could still use Java, as there are no technical limits, but if you do: be warned)