Welcome to the main resource for learning how to use Dataflow.

Dataflow is divided in multiple libraries in order to be more flexible and better adapt to our customers' needs. The main library contains the core aspect of Dataflow, while other libraries, called extensions, build on top of it to create new features.

Each library has its own reference where you can learn the main concepts and see some examples. Each reference can be directly accessed with your browser or downloaded in PDF format.

Library Latest version Download PDF
Dataflow 🌊 1.0.3 file_download
Extension Latest version Download PDF
Dataflow for Android™ 🌊🤖 1.0.6 file_download
Dataflow async 🚀 1.0.5 file_download
Dataflow async for Android™ 🚀🤖
Requires Dataflow async, Dataflow for Android™
1.0.0 file_download
Declarative UI for Android™ 🧾🤖
Requires Dataflow for Android™
1.0.0 file_download


Mediators are special libraries that allow to communicate with similar products, by providing useful functions to convert objects from/to Dataflow.

Mediator Latest version Download PDF
Dataflow mediator for LiveData
Requires Dataflow for Android™
Dataflow mediator for ReactiveStreams
Requires Dataflow async
1.0.0 file_download

Example projects

Here you can find some open-source projects that make use of Dataflow and its extensions.

Project Description Used extensions
Fast An Android™ app that allows you to switch apps in as less taps as possible
Shopping list An Android™ app to manage a shopping list
Creation time: 1 hour
Converter An Android™ app that can covert between units
Creation time: 2 hours
Weather An Android™ app that shows the current weather at the current location, using OpenWeatherMap APIs
Creation time: 2 hours