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Package com.femastudios.dataflow.impl

Package that contains the basic implementations of Field, MutableField and FieldWrapper.

You should rarely use those classes directly. Those classes are only useful to extend them to implement new kind of fields.



A BaseDependentField that marks a dependency as processed as soon as a computation starts. This is helpful when the computation is asynchronous

abstract class AsyncBaseDependentField<D, T> : BaseDependentField<D, T>


A basic implementation of a Field that holds a constant value.

abstract class BaseConstantField<out T> : Field<T>


A basic implementation for fields that depend on other fields.

abstract class BaseDependentField<D, T> : BaseField<T>, FieldListener<D>


Basic implementation of Field, which allows to children to modify the value (in order to create a MutableField).

open class BaseField<T> : BaseListenersManager<FieldListener<T>>, MutableField<T>


A basic implementation that wraps another field.

open class BaseFieldWrapper<T> : BaseDependentField<Any?, T>, FieldWrapper<T>, SimpleList<Field<Any?>?>


A BaseDependentField on which the last processed time of each dependency is the same, and is set when calling basicProcess

abstract class BulkProcessedBaseDependentField<D, T> : BaseDependentField<D, T>


This class is a base implementation of a constant Field.

class ConstantField<out T> : BaseConstantField<T>