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@JvmOverloads fun Field<String>.commonPrefixWith(other: Field<String>, ignoreCase: Field<Boolean> = com.femastudios.dataflow.util.fieldOf(false)): Field<String>
@JvmOverloads fun Field<String>.commonPrefixWith(other: String, ignoreCase: Boolean = false): Field<String>
fun Field<String>.commonPrefixWith(other: Field<String>, ignoreCase: Boolean = false): Field<String>
fun Field<String>.commonPrefixWith(other: String, ignoreCase: Field<Boolean>): Field<String>

Same as commonPrefixWith, but accepts Field and returns a new Field.

Calling this function is equivalent to use transform and calling commonPrefixWith in the transformation function.

This is simply a convenience function.

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