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@JvmName("minusByte") operator fun Short.minus(other: Attribute<Byte>): Attribute<Int>
@JvmName("minusDouble") operator fun Short.minus(other: Attribute<Double>): Attribute<Double>
@JvmName("minusFloat") operator fun Short.minus(other: Attribute<Float>): Attribute<Float>
@JvmName("minusInt") operator fun Short.minus(other: Attribute<Int>): Attribute<Int>
@JvmName("minusLong") operator fun Short.minus(other: Attribute<Long>): Attribute<Long>
operator fun Short.minus(other: Attribute<Short>): Attribute<Int>

Same as minus, but accepts Attribute and returns a new Attribute.

Calling this function is equivalent to use transform and calling minus in the transformation function.

This is simply a convenience function.

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