In this pages you'll find the full documentation of Dataflow and its extensions.

If this is the first time you approach dataflow, we suggest you to start with the reference that contains a step-by-step guide on how to start using the libraries.

You'll notice that in this page there are listed more things than in the reference one: this is because internally we divided things a little bit more (for instance, the library the provides the listeners is separate from Dataflow.

You can access the documentation of each library by the following links:

Core utilities for Kotlin™ 🏝️
Listeners 👂
Dataflow 🌊
Core utilities for Android™ 🤖
Dataflow for Android™ 🌊🤖
Dataflow async 🚀
Dataflow async for Android™ 🚀🤖
Declarative UI for Android™ 🧾🤖
Dataflow mediator for LiveData
Dataflow mediator for ReactiveStreams